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      A. Purpose

      This Information Security Policy ("this policy") was established by CHIMEI Corporation ("this company") to enhance the security and management of operational data and establish a management and control system that ensures the safety of this company's information, data, systems, equipment, networks, and provision of sustainable services.

      B. Basis

      This policy is based on the latest version of the ISO/IEC 27001 standard for information security management systems.

      C. Authority and Responsibility

      I. The formulation, revision, and evaluation of this policy is the responsibility of the Information Security Task Force with signed authorization from the convener or authorized personnel. II. The Information Security Task Force must evaluate this policy annually in a management review committee to reflect the latest developments in regulations, technologies, and operations so as to guarantee the effectiveness of information security practices and management of data operations.

      D. Content

      I. Information Security Objectives
      (I) Maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of this company's information assets to guarantee this company's operational confidentiality and client data; all members of this company must cooperate to achieve the following objectives:
      1. Protect and guarantee the confidentiality, correctness, and integrity of this company's information relating to operational activities by preventing unauthorized access and modification. 2. Ensure that this company maintains an information environment for facilitating continuous operations by establishing an Information Security Task Force responsible for the establishment, promotion, implementation, evaluation, and improvement of all matters relevant to information security management. 3. Promote an awareness of information security and enhance all staff members' sense of responsibility by regularly hosting information security training seminars. 4. Enhance the effectiveness of information security management through the execution of information security risk assessment mechanisms. 5. Conduct regular internal audits of information security to ensure the implementation, execution, and continuous improvement of information security management.
      (II) Information security objectives must be quantitatively checked and recorded according to planned schedules to confirm their effectiveness; the management review committee must perform a minimum of one review or revision annually.
      II. Information Security Policy Statement
      Comprehensive information management to stabilize corporate operations, achieve information security, and provide sustainable services.
      III. Information Security Management Scope
      Information security management systems encompasses all of the following including the establishment and evaluation of information security policies, information security organizations, human resources security, information asset management, access control, cryptography, physical and environmental security, operational security, communication security, system procurement with development and maintenance, supplier relations, management of information security incidents, managing aspects of information security in continuous operations, compliance, etc.
      IV. Information Security Policy Advocacy
      Regular advocacy of information security policies and relevant information to enhance the concepts and responsibilities of security for all staff members.
      V. Information Security Implementation
      An organization will be established to implement information security; this organization is assigned with objectives, powers and responsibilities, and division of labor to ensure the top-to-bottom communication of this company's concepts in information security management as well as assigning roles and responsibilities to enhance this company's information security management system.

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      CHIMEI is a Taiwan-based performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

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