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      Remuneration & Benefits

      Employees are the most important partners of a corporation, and we provide an excellent salary for every outstanding colleague. CHIMEI’s overall compensation packages are above the industry level. We adhere to the concept of profit sharing to attract, retain, cultivate, and inspire outstanding talents.

      Generous Salary

      1. Allowance: various allowances (e.g. shift allowance, work allowance, etc.)

      2. Bonus: performance bonus, quarterly bonus, special bonus, etc.

      3. Annual salary adjustment based on individual performance

      4. Surplus dividends

      5. Employee shareholding system

      Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

      From the first day of work, our employees are fully insured, providing colleagues worry-free, comprehensive insurance coverage.

      1. Health insurance

      2. Labor insurance

      3. Group insurance (including life insurance, major illnesses insurance, accident insurance, and medical payments), and a dependent group insurance coverage for employee’s spouse and children

      4. Cancer insurance (including first-time diagnosis claim, treatment costs, death payment)

      5. Overseas travel insurance: company will provide travel and safety insurance during the period colleagues travel overseas for business.

      Other Benefits

      1. Four annual holiday bonuses and birthday bonus

      2. Wedding, birth, and funeral allowances

      3. Local and international travel grants

      4. Special leave system provision that exceeds labor regulations

      5. Education grants and scholarships for employees’ children

      6. Social networking activities within the department

      7. Year-end lucky draw activities

      8. Year-end banquet

      9. Community subsidies

      10. International SOS service provides colleagues with 24-hour medical consulting services all year round

      11. Multifunctional sports hall

      12. Free custom-made uniforms

      13. Free meals during work

      Remarks: The above is a summary of the system. The salaries and benefits of individual employees are in accordance with their employment contract and the company regulations.The latest amendments and adjustments always apply.

      About CHIMEI

      CHIMEI is a Taiwan-based performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

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