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      Getting the latest and most complete information about various materials through the CHIMEI e-commerce APP,CHIMEI can not only provide the high performance materials to our partners, but also be the most powerful digital support!


      Client-Side Innovation?

      Game-changing breakthroughs are hard to find these days, but CHIMEI takes on a valuable role; harnessing our own professionalism and R&D spirit to supply innovation to our customers.

      At CHIMEI, we’re always looking for ways to help our clients go further. Our particular brand of innovation involves working directly with our customers and partners to boost products’ performance and durability, find a breakthrough in aesthetics, raise production efficiency, or reduce the environmental impact of their products.

      Boost Performance

      Increase Durability

      Improve Aesthetics

      Raise Efficiency

      Reduce Impact

      Through Client-Side Innovation?, we engage in close collaboration to help clients achieve their goals. We have been consistently stepping up to customers’ demands in terms of boosting their R&D and production processes, and adapting materials to specific requirements through collaborative innovation. Read more below to see how Client-Side Innovation? delivers a step up in product performance and production efficiency, that can help your company realize its full potential.

      Lighting Up Laptop Keyboards with Lite-On

      Lighting Up Laptop Keyboards with Lite-On

      As the laptop keyboard market trended toward thinner keycaps, we worked proactively alongside our partners to break new ground and develop a new grade of PC resin for manufacturing thinner keycaps while maintaining impact strength and rigidity.

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      Operational Flexibility Helps Take on Pandemic Headwinds

      Operational Flexibility Helps Take on Pandemic Headwinds

      Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a ventilator-maker urgently needed a huge order of POLYLAC ABS. As global supply chains started to disintegrate, we coordinated the entire process to help save lives.

      Creating A Whole New Grade Of Golf Ball

      Creating A Whole New Grade Of Golf Ball

      By lowering the water content in our NdBR synthetic rubber to an unparalleled <0.2%, we helped the world’s leading golf ball makers achieve a new peak in end-product performance.

      ABS That Beats EU Food Contact Standards

      ABS That Beats EU Food Contact Standards

      A European chocolate maker sought ABS with <5 ppm acrylonitrile monomer residue for the toys in its products. We remain the only supplier able to consistently mass produce such high-quality ABS.

      Crystal Clear SAN Wins High-Fashion’s Heart

      Crystal Clear SAN Wins High-Fashion’s Heart

      A cosmetic container OEM had to find a way to analyze and avoid visual defects in its end products, which arose in the form of flash lines in the plastic. We pioneered the process to track and assess the aesthetic quality of SAN, despite the inability to rely on data.

      Driving Federal Tires Into Pole Position

      Driving Federal Tires Into Pole Position

      Taiwan-based Federal Tires faced a stark decision: heavily over-invest in new equipment, or fall behind the industry’s peak performance levels. At CHIMEI, we offered Federal a third option. By developing new synthetic rubbers that are easier for legacy machines to process, they can produce the same high performance tires as brand new equipment.

      MS Makes Ultra-Narrow Bezels A Reality

      MS Makes Ultra-Narrow Bezels A Reality

      A leading TV-maker tasked us to find an alternative to the PMMA inside its screens, so it could achieve ultra-narrow bezels. By balancing the low water absorption of PS, and the high optical properties of PMMA, our new MS resin and light guide plate helped our customer achieve a world-first.

      CHIMEI focuses on a market- and customer-oriented research and development approach that truly provides practical solutions to application challenges. R&D is the strong base to our Client-Side Innovation? that helps customers to advance and progress. With all key technologies developed in-house, there are no restrictions to adapting or changing formulas to suit various production processes and applications, and to meet the needs of the market.

      About CHIMEI

      CHIMEI is a Taiwan-based performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

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